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Titan Tiny Homes has been recently featured on the show Tiny House Nation and is located just west of Chicago,IL in the city of South Elgin, IL. We strive to create the highest quality Tiny homes at the lowest prices so anyone can afford to enjoy them!

If you’re interested in a Tiny House, you’ve come to the right place!

Our RV Trailers will help you occupy the land you love while providing the ultimate measure of independence and self-sufficiency. Our RV Trailers offer the best protection from the elements while sporting a sleek look suitable for any property. These Modern Tiny Homes are an essential ingredient for all independent minded people. Whether your goal is to go green, have a second home away from home, live as wandering Vagabond, or to trim your living expenses, our tiny homes are the answer for you! But why would you want to own one of our RV Trailers? Maybe you're concerned about the environment and want to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Or maybe you just love the freedom one of our homes can offer. Just imagine you want to travel cross country or stay in one of the many national or state parks. Did you know that the Chicago area has more campgrounds nearby than any other metropolitan area in the country? Of course all over the country, there are plenty of good options. No matter where you live, if you have the desire, you are sure to put one of our tiny homes for sale to good use. And the best part about the journey is being able to bring your home with you.

It’s Not A Camper!!

Unlike other campers or RVs, our modern tiny homes are just like your house and come complete with conveniences found in everyday houses. Our clients use our homes for anything under the sun including placing them on vacation plots to actually living on the road. With our technology, there's no need to worry about water or electricity. Each home is equipped with water tanks and an electrical hookup. With the 120-volt electrical system in place in our tiny home trailers, providing power to your unit is as easy as plugging a cord into a typical outlet. Currently, we offer 24 foot and 28-foot tiny homes for sale. All units come fully furnished with cabinets, water heater, burner/stove top for cooking, counter tops, and more. Also, being away from civilization is no problem. With our tiny house trailers a fresh water, gray water, and black water tank are included. Taking a shower is also a breeze as our units are equipped with a 4-foot porcelain tub and an on-demand water heater. Imagine being able to take a comfortable bath or shower after a long day of outdoor activities!

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It’s All About The Quality

The quality construction of our RV Trailers is unmatched in the industry. We guarantee the roofing will not leak for at least 35 years. The beautiful siding appears to be wood or plastic (we have several different designs to pick from) but is actually durable steel to ensure optimal protection and durability. Being twice as strong as wood, these units are built to last! Each unit is put through a rigorous and detailed testing process to ensure that they are fully functional, safe from water seepage, and secure. These are the benefits of owning one of our tiny home trailers. Just consider what can happen in 35 years of exposure to lower quality units. With the durability standards set by our construction process, you can feel confident that your RV Trailer is constructed with your safety in mind. Our tiny homes are built with steel studs for optimal durability. But what about storage? Don’t worry; we have ingenious built-in storage space in our tiny house trailers that make storage easy and efficient. Here at Titan Tiny Homes, we adhere to the highest standards and quality and strive for customer satisfaction. As a bonus, our homes are 66% lighter than typical tiny homes, making our RV Trailers much easier to transport. Of course, the interior of your house is just as important as the exterior. Designing the interior of your tiny house trailer is as easy as creating in your personal home, maybe easier. Perhaps you want to mount some small shelves or adorn it with a glamorous painting scheme. There’s no limit the amount of customization you can bring to your unit. Because of the quality standards we demand, you can feel confident that our product will hold up nicely. At Titan Tiny Homes, we pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction.

So why a Tiny House Trailer?

Over the past decade demand for this product has grown significantly. Unlike many other campers or RVs, our tiny house trailers can be used practically for an indefinite period (of course with access to proper resources such as propane and fresh water). While we aren’t promoting our product specifically for that purpose alone, it is merely one possibility for our consumers among many. It also demonstrates just how versatile our product is. And it makes financial sense! Given the state of our economy today, people are looking for low-cost options in everything. Imagine having a tiny home trailer on hand on your property for when the power goes out or suppose you want to take an inexpensive vacation to a nearby state park. With a tiny house trailer, you merely park for the night in a secure area, and you’re set to live as you would at home. You can take a shower, do the laundry, cook fresh food, settle into a night of easy reading, and more before having comfortable nights sleep with full air conditioning or heat. People have gravitated towards this as a means of living. For some, it is a return to a simpler existence. All over this country, there is a movement of people who have embraced the tiny house lifestyle. This is known as ‘the tiny house movement.' Constrained by budgetary concerns today, many Americans have decided on a different way of tiny homes! The average American home is at least 2000 square feet. Our Tiny House trailers are roughly 192 to 224 square feet (please confirm!). Think of the low cost compared to the average American home. A typical 200,000 dollar mortgage paid over the course of 30 years costs roughly 150,000 in interest. Then there are the extra costs for insurance, maintenance, and other unforeseen problems. With a tiny house trailer, not only is it low cost compared to average American homes, but they’re also lower cost to maintain. We have come along with an added innovation: our homes are mobile! This allows for easy placement and movement on your property. Overall, the long-term savings that come with owning a tiny house trailer allows consumers to save their money. Maybe you’re part of this movement. If so, our products are certain to impress. While many people have found tiny house trailers to be a great alternative even for permanent living, the practical uses for our RV Trailers are boundless. Let’s say you have a plot of land in a rural area that you love to retreat to from time to time. Many of our customers have found a convenient way to afford a low-cost retreat as an open option. Our RV Trailers may be left sitting in an area of your choice for your personal use. This makes an unexpected retreat a breeze. You can rest comfortably knowing that your tiny house trailer is waiting for your use anytime you wish.

There Are Other Tiny Home Construction Companies, So Why Pick Us?

Good question! When we first entered this business, we found that the industry was disorganized. Many tiny home builders that customers would reach out to had poor response times (if they bother to respond at all!). We like to say here at Titan Tiny Homes “when you answer the phone; they know we’re home!”. We also point out that the entire market is overpriced. Most RV Trailers can cost $85,000 and up! Our RV Trailers, on the other hand, start at $50,000. We’re able to offer these low prices due to our innovative assembly line based manufacturing process. Also, with our on-site warranty services, you can be sure that your RV Trailer can be serviced in the event that it needs to be repaired. Whenever shopping for tiny houses of any kind, it’s important to examine the products carefully. We welcome all inquiries and will respond promptly. We have a warehouse where prospective customers can schedule a tour to view models we have for sale. This is an excellent opportunity for you to come and see what our tiny house trailers look like.

We Would Love To Work With You!

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one of our products, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch within 48 hours. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we want to be sure you understand every benefit that comes with owning one our RV Trailers. Let us know your unique need and we can discuss how our tiny homes can suit your particular circumstance.


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Our Promise and Values

At Titan Tiny Homes, We strive to provide the highest quality tiny homes at the lowest possible prices and are only satisfied when you are!


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