We made the Huffington Post!

We are so proud to have our Founder and CEO Bob Clarizio interviewed by the Huffington Post about how Titan Tiny Homes got started in the tiny house industry.  It has been a long journey from where we started to where we are now. Click Here to read the whole interview with Bob

Since our Start in the Tiny House Industry

We have blessed to be featured in so many different articles since we joined the tiny house industry back in 2015.  We were first filmed on Tiny House Nation back in August of 2015 but the episode did not release until July 9th of 2016.  Since that very first episode we have been involved with over 15 different publications and various partnerships including working with the Hard Rock Casino back in September 2016. The tiny house industry has grown so much since the early days of our humble beginnings but one thing hasn't and that's our dedication to continue to push things forward and continue to innovate new ways of doing things in the tiny house industry.

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