Your Tiny House

Everyone's story is unique and your journey for tiny house living is no different. We have help so many people both young and old in their journey to make tiny house living  a part of their everyday lifestyle. We want to do the same for you and would love to start by hearing your story and more importantly give you the tools and resources to help you in your journey as you prepare for the path of tiny house living.

The Cost of Tiny House Living

As we begin the process of finding out your needs, wants and budget you are going to want to have your questions and ideas ready.  Its OK if they are nothing more than random thoughts on a napkin or if you have professional plans we would love to see those as well.  The point is no matter what your skill level is after finalizing your tiny home build with us you will leave with a well polished professional set of tiny house designs and an exact cost of tiny house living is going to be.

How long will my Tiny Home take to build?

After finalizing your design a down payment will be required in order to schedule your tiny house for production.  Once your down payment has been received you can expect your tiny home to take anywhere from 3 - 6 months depending on our back log here at Titan and also the complexity will have much to do with how long your tiny home will take to produce.

tiny house living

Is there a warranty on your homes?

Absolutely! We have a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty on every single home that leave our shop. This mean on-site repairs, all you have to do is call we will be on our way with one of our many on-site technicians located all over the United States.

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