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We understand how difficult it is to find all the tiny house parts to build your tiny home. That is way we have decided to put them all in one place.  Let our parts store be a resource for all your tiny house needs and as your interest grows so will our parts store.  Be sure to check back as we are constantly adding new items to our page and look forward in helping you build your tiny dreams into big realities.

Hot Knife for cutting Foam panels


Hot Knife for cutting Foam panels 00005

  • This tool kit complete with one 150W Hot Knife one pcs 4'' Blade and one pcs Groover and on pcs 11.8'' Bendable Blade
  • The styrofoam groover is combined by hot knife cutter,groover and 30mm bendable blade, used for grooving of EPS foam,EPE foam, XPS foam and sponge.The hot knife cutter used in groover can be model FC100,FC150,FC200,FC250. It depends on grooving area, if the grooving area is samll, it can use small power hot knife cutter, if it is large, it can use large power hot knife cutter.
  • 150W,120V,Heats up in just about 10 secondsLong life span and can non-stop run;No rough burr after cutting; Durable and Practical
  • It can used together with different type blades,and it can be used for cuting different materials
  • Notices:Intermittent operating for the tool, suggest that loosen the switch for a second after 30 seconds’ working (otherwise it may cause overheat of the power tube)
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