Welcome To The NEW Blog – Where Brynn Talks Tiny Houses!

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Who Is Brynn and what does she have to do with Tiny Houses?!

Please help us to welcome Brynn Burger as our NEW blogger for Titan Tiny Homes. Brynn will be contributing to our new blog titled “Brynn’s Tiny Adventure” in which she will give real-world advice on everything about tiny houses from homeschooling to keeping warm in the winter, to picking the right toilet for your tiny house! You can read more about her below!Picture of brynn burger reading a book

Brynn Burger

I am a wife, a mama, a teacher, and a lover of all things outdoors. I live tiny, love big, and laugh always. I write because it is cheaper than therapy and everyone needs that one funny girlfriend to cut up with at 3 am when your yoga pants are covered in spit up, and you just found your coffee in the microwave from yesterday.

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My husband and I decided to go tiny after having lived for over ten years in a life shackled by debt, surviving paycheck to paycheck. After researching tiny living for over a year, we knew it was our journey to a life of thriving. So, we sold about 80% of our belongings, listed our 15-acre farm, and bought a 36-foot house on wheels, and we haven’t looked back.

Our two kiddos and our dog couldn’t be happier with this life. We park for eight months of the year while I teach at an inner-city second-chance high school for student’s who’ve been expelled or incarcerated. The other months, we are on the road soaking up every second of what nature has to offer. My husband ‘Roadschools’ our six-year-old son who has several emotional and behavioral diagnosis. Our daughter, who is almost two, runs and climbs everything in sight. We pretty much flip the traditional family roles on their heads.photo of brynn reading

This life is not for the faint of heart, but it has afforded us the freedom to live the life we’ve always dreamed of. Sure, people look at us like we have two heads when they find out our choice of lifestyle, but we’ve learned to laugh it off because we know we are crazy—crazy awesome!
Check out more at The Mama On The Rocks. You’re welcome.